Known Lines

Many Divisions trace their ancestry to a specific progenitor.  The remaining Divisions exist as general categories.

More information about these Divisions is available at the Corson/Colson Family History Association website


Origin / Ancestry Progenitor, if known Lived Descendants found most in Haplogroup
I Netherlands? / England? Cornelius Cursonwhit c. 1660 - c. 1719 New Hampshire / Maine, USA R-BY4068
II Netherlands? / France? Jan Corszen c. 1649 - 1703 Sussex Co., New Jersey, USA I-FT9302
IIIa Netherlands Cors Pieterszen 1612 - 1655 Staten Island, New York, and Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, USA I-BY13712
IIIb Netherlands? / Scotland or Northern Ireland? (descent from Boyd surname) Hendrick Corssen Vroom 1683 - 1769  eastern USA R-FT231063
IV Scandinavia? (specifically, Sweden?) Carsten Jansen 1634 - c. 1697 Cape May Co., New Jersey, USA R-BY119911
IVb Ireland? (descent from Lee surname) possibly Daniel Corson 1828-1918 Cumberland Co., New Jersey, USA possibly R-BY31431
V British Isles Corsane, Corsani, Curzon c. 1296 Scotland, England  
VI Germanic countries Korson / Korsen      
VII Unknown / England? Jacob Corson c. 1740 - bef. 1822 Hunterdon Co., New Jersey, USA R-S1729
VIII Anywhere Colson not in Div. I   Massachusetts, Georgia, New York, USA  
IX Other European countries (de) Courson   France  
X Unknown        
XI African American   c. 1820    
XII American Indian        
XIII Canada and the Americas     Ontario, Canada  
XIV Oceana/Asia        
XV Unknown / France? unidentified Courson c. 1750s Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, USA J-BY130000