Subsidy Fund

Because the cost of a DNA test is one of the biggest hurdles to participation, the project has a subsidy fund for Y-chromosome DNA tests.  The Corson/Colson Family History Association (CCFHA) and some Corson descendants have contributed funds to reimburse a portion of the Y-DNA test cost for individuals from particular family lines.  To date, the subsidy fund has reimbursed more than US$2400 for all or a portion of 27 tests.

Those wishing to contribute to the subsidy fund can donate to the project's "General Fund" at Family Tree DNA. If desired, donors can specify that their donation be reserved for testing a particular individual or family line.

Reimbursements currently available

Full test cost

Full reimbursement of a 111-marker Y-DNA test is available for a participant who descends in the male line from one of the following ancestors:

  • an earliest-known male ancestor with the surname Corson, Courson, Curzon, or Courçon born at least 3 generations ago in Europe, particularly Scotland, France, or England


Reimbursements of US$40 are available from the CCFHA for participants who descend in the male line from one of the following ancestors:

  • Christian Corson (1676-after 1764) or Jacob Corson (1681-1742), sons of Cornelius Corssen (1645-1692) (CCFHA Division III)
  • Cors Corssen Vroom (b. 1676) or Hans, Ryse, or Alfred Vroom, sons of Hendrick Corssen Vroom (1653-1690) (CCFHA Division III)